Top 6 Plugins to Convert WordPress Website into Mobile App

Quite similar to the previous years, even the current year 2015 will witness a global change in the web trends. It is predicted that mobile traffic for websites would increase by over 60%-impressive enough, right? Unlike the traditional websites, mobile apps would serve as a remarkable gateway to connect the customer with the product/service provider. Also, it is being presumed that the availability of a mobile app for your website will undoubtedly put a positive impact on the potential customers.

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So, if you own a WordPress powered website and are interested in transforming the same into a mobile app, without spending a hefty sum of cash, a viable means is to use a suitable WordPress plugin. Thankfully, the WordPress community has served us with a massive collection of plugins to convert WordPress website into mobile app. The best part associated with this is that you need not learn the use of complex frameworks or lengthy coding for creating mobile apps that can run on different platforms including Android, iOS and many more. So, let’s straightaway head towards these six absolutely stunning WordPress plugins and know them better.


As an open source WordPress plugin, Worona allows you to convert your WordPress blog into a native mobile application. Worona has been divided into two parts viz: the WordPress plugin which prepares the site content that needs to be sent to the app and the native app that is being coded using Corona SDK. Worona fetches all your posts from the site and presents them in the form of a mobile application.


As a yet another open source HTML mobile app converter, WiziApp can easily turn your WordPress website into a mobile app, without expecting you to write a single line of code. Some brilliant features supported by WiziApp include: animated navigation, customization, multi-menus, cross mobile browser support and a lot more. All you need to do is simply install the WiziApp plugin and the app would start processing the mobile-compatible version of your WordPress website.


JoeMobi is a brilliant mobile app generator which can convert your WordPress website into a fully-functional mobile app within minutes. Plus, you can avail the preview and customization utilities before proceeding ahead with publishing of your website into the iOS or Android smartphone market. Features such as built-in commenting and analytics, push notifications etc. make JoeMobi one of the best plugins for all those who’re looking to get started with a mobile application for their sites on an immediate basis.


As one of the leading plugin used for converting a WordPress website into a mobile app, AppPresser comes equipped with features such as: Full WordPress integration, no monthly fees, you own and host your app and many more. AppPresser comes with a Rector which allows you to build a mobile app with least amount of custom coding. No matter which niche your site is from, whether it’s an online news magazine, a blog, an e-commerce store or a typical corporate website, converting the same into a mobile app offers you endless possibilities of reaching out to maximum number of consumers all over the world.


As a premium mobile app converter plugin, Mobiloud offers you remarkable features including push notifications etc. With this plugin installed in your WordPress website, you’ll be able to turn your site into native apps that can run smoothly on a variety of devices powered by iOS and Android. While the Mobiloud starter app starts at $69/month featuring a single mobile platforms, email support etc. the Mobiloud Professional app will cost you just $99 per month. The professional package will include support for apps running on iOS and Android mobile platforms. With Mobiloud installed in your WordPress site, you can receive complete guidance on customizing the created app and testing it either online or on your specific set of devices.


MobApper will conveniently convert your existing WordPress website into a mobile application without the need for any programming or using any constructs. You can use the plugin for creating excellent mobile applications that can run four platforms including Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows. All these apps support fast and a highly intuitive user interface. Plus, you have the flexibility of choosing the site’s content before sending the same to the mobile application. With MobApper plugin, you can easily integrate admob into the mobile apps that can be created for the website. Doing this opens up new avenues for making quick money. Last but definitely not the least, you have the ability of accessing the app’s content even when you aren’t connected to the internet.


With such interesting and easy-to-use WordPress plugin available for you, it won’t appear challenging to kickstart the app creation process for your WordPress website. Just ensure to pick the right WordPress plugin and you’ll have the best apps that will woo your customers in the best possible manner. Amanda Cline is a web developer and currently working for Xicom Technologies Ltd, a leading Outsource Web Development Company. She has also written interesting and informative articles on Custom Software Development, Web Application Development etc.