How to Add Pay With a Tweet Button for File Downloads in WordPress?

Strategist are alluring the users by freebies and as everything comes with a cost they have opted to ask  simply for a tweet before they give their users their reward. This is an incredible idea to attract the customer and carry on ‘word of mouth’ marketing strategy. Seems to be a fair and square win for the business owners. I know what you all entrepreneurs are thinking. Yeah! Well, I do read minds and this is why I am writing this article on how to add ‘Pay with a Tweet’ button for downloading files in WordPress.

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You need to commence by downloading and installing the plugin named ‘Pay With a Tweet’. After activating the plugin, you will need to follow the path which goes like : Pay with a Tweet → Configuration and  then after you need to configure the plugin.

In order to use the ‘Pay with a Tweet plugin’ , first of all you need to make a Twitter App and then after you need to add your secret and consumer key on its configuration screen. Now you might be wondering about what the heck is this Twitter app and these keys. Do not panic, as now we will discuss the complete process of getting a ‘Pay with a Tweet’ button on your WordPress website/blog.

Beginning with a Twitter App

You need to visit the Twitter’s  Developers website, in order to create a Twitter app for using the ‘Pay with a Tweet’ plugin. Here you need to sign in using your Twitter account credentials and then click on your name displayed on the top right corner of the computer screen. Here you will get a fly down menu , which will display My Applications. You need to click on it to move further.

A new application form will get displayed and here you need to give new the new name and description of your application.

There is a field titled as website URL, where you need to put in the URL of your website where the app will be used. The other field is the callback URL where you need to type down the callback URL displayed on the screen while configuring the  ‘Pay with a Tweet’ plugin. The last step is to agree to adhere to the terms and conditions and then after click on the button which says ‘Create your Twitter application’.

This will lead Twitter to create an application and will redirect you to the dashboard of the app. Now, so as to change the permissions of the application you need to visit the Permissions tab. In order to give the neo apps the permissions to Read and Write you need to change the permissions as by default they are set to read-only mode.

Now, after changing the settings  of your new applications, you are now required to click on the button which says Test Oauth. After this you will get a consumer and secret keys which you need to type in the configuration screen of the ‘ Pay with a Tweet ‘ plugin.

How to Add Reward Files?

After configuring your  ‘Pay with a Tweet’ plugin, you need to upload those files which you are offering as a freebie to the users which they get after tweeting. In order to upload you need to go down to the following path :

Pay with a Tweet → Upload Files . Here you need to select the files which you need to upload.

After uploading the desired  files, you can be manage them from the following path: Pay with a Tweet →  Manage Files screen.

How to Make the  ‘Pay With a Tweet’ Button?

The next step is to create a button which says ‘Pay with a Tweet‘. To do this you need to follow this path:  Pay with a Tweet → New Payment Button. Here you need to enter the title you need to write for payment and also the tweets which you wish to be tweeted by your users using after clicking the payment button.

After this you will get the third option to add an image on the button which will obviously be displayed on this button. All you need to do is to click on the choose button and then select an image which is to be uploaded.

Now that you have added an image on the button, you now need to select the files which the users will get after tweeting. The files which we uploaded earlier will be shown over here and now you will get the option to select them.

And the last step is to click on a button which says ‘Create Payment’ so as to make this button visible.

Adding the ‘Pay With a Tweet’ Button To Your WordPress Web Page

Now that you have created your button, you now need to manage them as well. To do this you need to follow this path:  ‘Pay with a Tweet’ → Manage Buttons screen. A shortcode will be shown besides  the button which we have created.

Now that we have gone so far, we now need to display this button on WordPress website/blog. To do this, copy the shortcode written besides the button and paste it into your web page where you want the button. This is it, as after publishing this post, your users will be able to download the files by just paying with a tweet.

Final Words

This is one of the most incredible and organic methods to increase the traffic rate on your website. Now it is incumbent on you all the potential visitors into clients or customers. After doing this you can prepare an email list and ask them to sign up. You can further use this by asking your users to promote you on social media.

I hope this article helps you to gain laurels. For any queries feel free to post your comments.

With effective strategies and confidence Samuel Dawson is currently a Front End Manager in Designs2html Ltd where he is a responsible HTML to WordPress provider. Samuel has successfully done a recent research on few advanced WordPress topics.