How to Add Print Button in WordPress Posts?

Computers play an important role in our everyday life and although they are a very convenient way to do a lot of stuff, we can’t deny that there are some specific things that we prefer doing the old-fashioned way. For example, saving a document or piece of content on a hard copy is much better, then to keep it on your computer, especially if it is an important piece of information. This is why printers are still a pretty popular piece of technology that can be found in almost any home. Thanks to your printer and internet connection you can quickly print out any web page on a hard copy and preserve it for years. However, do the visitors of your blog know how to do this? If you are an experienced computer user, then you probably know that all popular web browsers have a key combination for printing, in most cases Control + P. However, what about the people who don’t know about this neat little trick? If you want to make your blog a little bit more convenient, then we advise you to try and add print button in WordPress by following our detailed tutorial.

add print button to wordpress

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If you are eager to learn how to install print button in WordPress, then keep on reading! There isn’t a better way to save a piece of good content than printing it out on paper. Many readers do this when they read a good post on a blog and it might be a good idea to insert a Print Now button to your WordPress posts. While most modern themes already have such a button, you may be using one that doesn’t have this helpful feature. Don’t despair, because in this post you’ll learn how to quickly and easily add a Print Now text link or button to your WordPress posts.

How to Insert Print Button in WordPress Posts

The first thing you need to do is sign-in with your administrator account and navigate to Appearance -> Editor.
Opening Appearance - Editor

Look to the right side, find the file named single.php and open it. Afterwards paste the code below in the place where you want to add print button in WordPress to.

Editing Single Php

This is where I pasted the code for this sample tutorial and as you can see I’ve enclosed the link in <center> tags in order to keep it in the center of the post. This is the final result:

Print Button Result

Instead of a text link, you can also add an image. In this case the code will look the following way:

The only thing you’ll need to change in this case is the URL of the Print Now image you want to use. Here’s a sample of how a print now image looks:

Print Button Image Result

Nice, a? If you like the result, you can download the print button image from here. Did you know that by simply editing WordPress’ files can help you customize many aspects of your blog, for example, you can completely revamp your comment form by applying small modifications to WordPress files?

You can even choose what part of the post will be included in the final print, but this is more advanced material that we’ll cover in one of our future tutorials. The method above will print the entire page including the comments, so we advise you take a look at our 7 Tips That Will Help You Eliminate Spam in WordPress in order to protect your blog from the nasty attacks of spam bots.

Of course, you can also pick the easier method and install WordPress plugins that will add social sharing icons & a print button to your post, but we advise you to give this tutorial a try, because you definitely don’t want to clutter your blog with plugins that will decrease its performance! Don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you have any questions or problems.