5 Carefully Picked Mobile Apps for Managing WordPress Blogs

You can get several tasks completed when working on your computer. But, what if you’re not present on your desk (i.e. away from it)? There’s nothing to worry, as you can still increase your productivity without remaining glued to your desk using mobile apps. The same is true for WordPress blogs. With the advent of more and more mobile apps, bloggers are leveraging the opportunity to manage their blogs even on the move. Additionally, bloggers are able to carry out plenty of blog-related tasks via their Smartphones, even when they’re away from their system.

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In today’s mobile dominated world, running a blog that isn’t optimized for mobile devices can give you a hard work, even when you’re using the easy to use CMS such as WordPress. However, utilizing a mobile app technology can work wonders for you.

In this post, we’ll talk about 5 of the best iOS and Android apps available online that give bloggers the ability to connect and share their work on-the-go.

Dropbox (For iOS, Android)

Do you want to access some important blog related documents and files at anytime, from anywhere? If that’s the case, then Dropbox is exactly what you need. No matter, you’re present at your seat or not, Dropbox will help you view and share your content with members in a quick and easy manner.

The app will help you save all your blog related information to the cloud, which can retrieve using any device.

BlogPress (For iOS)

BlogPress is a user-friendly blogging app that works well on both iPhones as well as iPad devices. The app even syncs well with popular social networks like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and a few others. This helps in making your blog available across the major social media platforms, and thereby increases the popularity of the blogs among social media users.

The BlogPress app come loaded with great features including Full post/page editing ability, Comments management, Post scheduling and much more.

Buffer (For iOS, Android)

Almost every person realize the importance of social media, however, managing things (i.e. blog in our case) on the social media can be a daunting task. But, thanks to the Buffer app, you can easily manage and share the content of your blogs on Google+, Twitter, and other social media networks on-the-go.

What’s more? The app even allows you to schedule the posts to be displayed on social media in advance. This means your social media profiles will remain up-to-date, without having to spend time in upgrading the profiles manually.

WordPress Blog Android App

If you want to have an Android 5 material design inspired app for your WordPress blog, then CodeCanyon – WordPress Blog Android app – perfectly suit your needs. Using this app helps in increasing the load time of your posts. Furthermore, the app is translation ready, and thereby make your posts available in different languages. This eventually helps in reaching out your WordPress blogs to a wider audience base.

This application can be customized and published in just 5 minutes.

Flipboard (For iOS and Android)

Flipboard app help in presenting your post content taken from RSS feeds, blog post category, etc. – in the form of flippable magazine format. Most importantly, it proves a worthwhile option helping blog users discover new content, and help them keep their posts stay on the top of a particular category/topic.

You can directly add your WordPress blog feeds to the Flipboard app. For this, simply open up the app on your mobile phone, and then click on the red ribbon icon at the top your phone window on the right side. Doing so, a search box will appear where you just need to search for:


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All you have to do is to replace the domain.com with the domain name of your WordPress blog, and your feeds will get automatically generated in WordPress.

Wrapping Up!

You may find it easy to run and manage a blog on the WordPress platform, using your computer system. But, in today’s mobile world, it has become important for users to manage everything on the fly. Besides, you cannot always remain glued to your seat. This is where a mobile app comes in handy. In essence, there are tons of remarkably useful mobile applications that helps to manage blog-related tasks of your WordPress site on the go. These apps give bloggers the opportunity to engage with their target audience and share their content across social media accounts.

The best thing about using a mobile app for your WordPress blog is that you can access your content and share it with other users even when you’re not using your computer system.

Lucie Kruger is an app developer for Mobiers Ltd, a leading mobile app development company. She provides concrete information on latest Android, iPhone and other mobile technologies.