10 Tips to Boost Profitability Of Subscription Business Model

subscription business model tips

Planning ahead is the key to success, and this especially applies to the subscription business model. If you don’t have a clear idea about how it works and what idea you can use to implement it, check out subscription business ideas. With the amount of competition and versatility available online, …


Quick Guide to Use WP Tools to Develop Quality Websites

wordpress-development tools

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system. Introduced as a blogging medium, the platform today is used for the development of different sites and comes equipped with powerful plugins for delivering complex website functionality. In addition, these plugins also assist developers and designers in the organization of their …


How to Integrate WordPress Video Tutorials on WordPress Websites?

Integrate WordPress Video Tutorials on WordPress

This post discusses Best Plugins to Integrate WordPress Video Tutorials on WordPress sites with an easy-to-follow process to make your content more engaging & user-friendly.   A huge number of business are swaging around the internet. It is not only because they have realized the cost effectiveness of it, but new …


Optimizing Your WordPress Site for SEO: 6 Practical Tips

tips for optimizing wordpress site for seo

We’ve seen a lot of great WordPress SEO tips and tricks out there, but not all of them are practical and easy to apply. In this article, we are going to change that and head straight for the actual, practical steps you can do to make your WordPress site search …


Handy Guide on Using MailChimp with WordPress

MailChimp with WP

Do you own a WordPress powered blog/website? Are you thinking about building an email list or sending email updates to subscribers? If your answer is a ‘Yes’ to both these questions, then choosing the very popular email service provider called MailChimp will work for you. In today’s post, I’ll be …


12 Reasons to Convert Your Static HTML Site to WordPress

convert HTML Website to Wordpress

Your static, HTML based website may look good but it has got some characteristic issues which might bug you. If your website is having some problem or you want to deliberately change or modify the contents, design or themes of your website. Using HTML architecture, you need to edit each …


Top 20 PSD Mockup Templates To Engage Your Audience

Handmade Free PSD Mockup

Engaging your audience is an essential part of today’s marketing world. As attention spans have become incredibly short, you need to drive innovative ways to pique the interest of your visitors or customers. Every time you plan to revamp the look of your website or products, you hop into the …


Creating Lists and List Templates in SharePoint; Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Create Lists and List Templates in SharePoint

Serving as an incredible way to work together, Sharepoint has received numerous appreciations from small-sized and large-sized enterprises. Equipped with brilliant team collaboration tools like SharePoint Online, SharePoint Foundation, SharePoint Server and OneDrive for Business folder sync; SharePoint offers you powerful controls for managing costs, risk and lifetime of your …